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New Zealand: Tomorrow's Sideswipe, Today!

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|| :-:|:-: Submissions must be directly related to NZ|To discuss unrelated links and how they affect/relate to NZ, use a self/text post. No doxxing / collecting user info|No posting or collation of personally identifiable information of other users No harassment or abuse|This is continued harassment, or overt abuse. Reddit's harassment policy| No hate speech / bigotry|Any posts that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity and/or colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability and so on may be removed at a mod's discretion Duplicate links will be removed| No editorialising titles|Editorialising titles tries to mask or change a story based on the bias of the submitter. Opinions are fine in self-posts or as comments to a link post. No bots unless prior arrangement has been made.| No novelty accounts|Accounts made for a specific purpose that do not contribute in other ways No Crowdfunding|No community funding requests without prior approval from the moderators. No breaching name suppression|If you post a link or a comment that identifies a person under a name suppression order, your link / comment will be removed. This includes any direct or indirect reference to the person, or links to other sites that contain the information. Continued breaches of name suppression will result in a ban. Prominent Kiwis must provide proof|If you claim be be a prominent kiwi, please message the mods with proof of your identity, or you run the risk of being banned. CircleJerk submissions go in /r/NZCircleJerk.|Any that don't will see the OP banned for seven days and the post removed.

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