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Nexus 5X

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> 1. No memes

> 2. If you have a query or issue with the device, please structure your thread in a way which allows people to create a discussion. Announce your issue in the title if possible.

> 3. No posts asking about or for discussion of shipping dates or orders.

> 4. Concerning tech support; only Nexus5X specific questions. no "how to install firefox"

> 5. No Amazon Affiliate links

> 6. No buying / selling on this subreddit.

> 7. No url shorteners.

> 8. No /r/batterybrag posts. If you want to show off your SOT, go to /r/batterybrag

> 9. No "where is my OTA? posts."

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The Nexus 5X can be ordered from the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy, or Carphone Warehouse.

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