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NFL gifs

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A place for NFL gifs.

1.) GIFs only please. No memes, photos, videos, or anything else. Just GIFs.

2.) NFL only. No college or high school GIFs, no matter how exciting/funny/weird they are. No GIFs of your Madden game. Just NFL Gifs

3.) Accurate descriptions for the titles. "Harbaugh is mad" isn't good enough. "Harbaugh slamming the ground and jumping like an ape" is perfect.

4.) Title should include the date of the game and the two opponents. Notice I said should. This is going to be more difficult with older GIFs, but GIFs from this season should have this (especially since /r/NFL has the GIF threads). At the bare minimum you should include the opponents. e.g. "[49ers/Falcons. Jan 20, 2012] Harbaugh jumping around like a monkey".

5.) No Reposts. We don't need 10 versions of a touchdown GIF.

6.) GIF requests need to start with the header [GIF Request]. Afterwards you can include the information you're looking for. If you're filling a request you don't need to say so in the title, but it would be good to leave a comment for the original request.

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