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NieR: Automata

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A community for the Nier/Nier Automata & Drakengard trilogy. For discussion of the games, art books, drama cds, music scores, stage plays, live concerts, and various other related pieces of content.

Subreddit Rules

  1. Please abide by reddiquette

  2. Posts must be flaired correctly. Please make use of the flairing system to describe the content within your submission. All fanart must be tagged as fanart.

  3. Spoilers in titles are forbidden. Please tag all posts with spoiler content from the games/side-materials, and keep spoilers within the thread limited to the confines of the tag. [Spoiler text](/spoiler) becomes Spoiler text

  4. No pornographic, or overtly sexual content. Please direct such posts to /r/2Booty.

  5. Please be civil. No hostile or aggressive comments. No petty/childish arguments or trolling.

  6. No self-promotion of Let's Plays and streams. Short gameclips, longform analysis, and lore videos are encouraged.

  7. Buying, selling, and trading posts are prohibited with the exception of links to well known online marketplaces and official vendors. No Affiliate links.

  8. No pirated content. Do not link to, or request, copies of anything being sold by Square Enix. Please support NieR by buying it.

  9. No begging for redemption codes, steam library sharing, etc.

  10. No low effort content, all submissions must be related to NieR in some way. Memes, however, are fine.

  11. No duplicate content. Relatively recent reposts and threads on the same topic will be removed.

This subreddit is curated for quality. If your comment suddenly disappears, it might have broken one of the rules. If you believe it was done in error please contact the modteam. Extreme infractions of rules may lead to a ban without a first warning. Exceptions to rules, while rare, are made on a case by case basis by moderators.

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