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Nihilism comes from the Latin nihil, meaning "nothing". As a philosophical position, nihilism involves denying certain existence claims. Two prominent forms of nihilism are existential nihilism, which rejects claims that human life is meaningful, and moral nihilism, which rejects claims that human actions can be right or wrong. Other forms include epistemological nihilism, mereological nihilism, and political nihilism.

As with any other philosophical label, there is diversity within nihilism and disagreement over what counts as nihilism. Labels with some overlap include existentialism, absurdism, fatalism, and pessimism. Some people embrace nihilistic conclusions as a philosophical matter, while other people relate to nihilistic themes more as a matter of intuition, personal experience, or personal expression.

We don’t intend to depress you. But if you find nihilism depressing, read through this thread.

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