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A Reddit community for news and stories about the Japanese toy manufacturer and video-game designers Nintendo. From Hanafuda playing cards to the Nintendo Switch, start a discussion about any of Nintendo's history!

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r/Nintendo is run by fans, for fans, and its moderators can not help you reach Nintendo and their affiliates, nor can they give you tech support.

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Community Rules

In addition to Reddit's Content Policy, please familiarise yourself with the following:

  1. All posts should be specifically about Nintendo or games on Nintendo systems.
  2. No personal attacks of any kind. r/Nintendo stands against hate speech, and bigotry has no place here.
  3. All submissions should be news from the original source, discussion about Nintendo games and products, or otherwise seek other people's opinions.
  4. Posts should have clear, descriptive titles that properly convey what the content is, without spoilers.
  5. No buying, selling, trading, or begging.
  6. All giveaways and contests must be held on the subreddit itself and must not ask for personal details or require registering for anything offsite.

Our moderation policy is not to keep track of every rule infraction, and everything is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, we do ban users who make personal attacks or buy/sell/beg. We will try to tell you how you can resubmit, or recommend a more a suitable subreddit. However, please read other subreddits' rules before submitting there.

Please be considerate when discussing plot details for games new or old. Don't put spoilers in post titles at all. Putting text into this format will hide spoilers: [Nintendo](/spoiler) becomes Nintendo.

You can also read the rules in more depth on our wiki.

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