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The title of your submission should be a quote taken out of context from a reddit comment. Links must be to text submissions on reddit only.

How to submit:

  1. Your post title should be a quote.

  2. You must submit as a link.

  3. The link should be a permalink to a comment or a post on Reddit.

  4. Add ?context=4 to the end of the link. You may use another number, but please use a number high enough to contain the full context. Having the full context means that users can tell how the quoted-title means something different than what they thought it meant before clicking through.

  5. Unless Metabot beats you to it, after submitting, post a reply to your quotee letting them know they have been sent to r/nocontext.

Please report all submissions that do not belong in r/nocontext using the report button. It helps the moderators remove bad links more quickly.

Comments that do not need additional context will be removed.

/u/camupod has created a screen saver that pulls comments from r/nocontext that you may like. Check it out here.

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