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The title of your submission should be a quote taken out of context from a reddit comment. Links must be to text submissions on reddit only.


  1. Post titles must be a quote from a comment or post on Reddit. The quote must be of at least one sentence in length.

  2. Posts must link to the source of the quote and provide enough of the context of the quote for a reader to understand why the quote was said.

  3. Posted quotes must have at least two meanings. One of these meanings should be what a reader would think without context and another meaning should be what people were actually talking about.

  4. Comments should forward the discussion at least minimally. Comments that are only insults do not do this. Comments with a condescending tone or that insult, but continue the conversation will be judged on a case by case basis.

How to submit:

  1. Check the rules to make sure what you want to post belongs here.

  2. Your post title should be a quote.

  3. You must submit as a link.

  4. The link should be a permalink to a comment or a post on Reddit.

  5. Add ?context=4 to the end of the link. You may use another number, but please use a number high enough to contain the full context. Having the full context means that users can tell how the quoted-title means something different than what they thought it meant before clicking through.

  6. Unless Metabot beats you to it, after submitting, post a reply to your quotee letting them know they have been sent to r/nocontext.

Please report all submissions that do not belong in r/nocontext using the report button. It helps the moderators remove bad links more quickly.

Comments that do not need additional context will be removed.

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