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Nocontext Wallpapers

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1) Titles relevant to text on wallpaper, not the image.

2) Text should not be relevant to the image.

3) Within the comments of your post, supply links to the context of the text and the source of the original image. Please remember that this rule applies to requests as well.

4) Accept criticisms and improvements as words of advice, and even have a go at following them and replying to the advice with your new work.

5) Use high quality images as backgrounds, minimum resolution of 1024x768. Include this resolution in the title of your post.

6) If it's offensive or derogatory towards anyone, please submit to /r/offensive_wallpapers instead. This is meant to be "huh?" material, not offensive material.

7) Have fun and enjoy making dumb wallpapers!

(More info can be found here)

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