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Gifs that go "bump" in the dark

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This subreddit is dedicated to gifs that you can hear, even though there isn't any sound.


  1. Do not submit gifs with subtitles. You should be able to hear the noise without them.
  2. Do not post gifs of people speaking, unless everyone knows what their voice sounds like, or unless it is truly noisy.
  3. Do not put the noise (or the dialogue) in the title.
  4. Gifs involving porn or gore are not allowed.
  5. There is zero tolerance of racist, sexist, or other prejudiced submissions or comments.
  6. Reposts in the top 25 or last 6 months will be removed.
  7. Content is only half of the post. Make some effort creating the title for the post. Titles such as "I definitely heard this" or "This is so noisy" will be removed.

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