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Who's got your nose?

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>##Tips & Etiquette

>1. imgur links are preferred.

> Imgur links work best with RES, and can handle heavy traffic. This can mean more views for your post ;)

>2. Don't repost

> I'm pretty sure you'll see this rule in every subreddit. (Well, excluding /r/thestopgirl of course.) The rule is pretty self explanatory.

>3. Is your post not showing up in the new feed?

> It's probably caught in the spam filter. Just message the mods with a link to your post and we'll fix it.

>###This section still under construction.

>##Traffic Stats

>Curious about our growth? Big fan of /r/dataisbeautiful? Check out our stats!

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>##Related Subreddits

>* /r/UnnecessaryCensorship

> A reminder that we all have dirty, dirty minds.

>* /r/quasimoderp

> It's like /r/nonose...except...with noses.

>* /r/withoutteeth

> Soft foods required.

>* /r/Oneliners

> 100% less reposts than /r/Jokes

>Big thanks to /u/accountdureddit and /u/goats_is_good for help with CSS design.

>If you have any ideas regarding the subreddit, message us.

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