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Normal Nudes: A pro-body image resource

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Normal Nude Definition: The "normal" in normal nudes does not mean "average". It means normal nudity in the sense of what we all normally see in the mirror at home. Not posed sexually, not photoshopped, no tricks to look better. The term has no reference to the persons attractiveness, so treat our submitters with respect regardless of their looks, good or bad!

Our sub is a place for us to share our bodies, flaws and all, to affect other peoples opinions of themselves. We're building a library of normal naked bodies (both the flawed and flawless) in order to prove that we're all attractive to someone.

I hope that posters understand that, while it does also serve to boost their personal confidence, their example and the responses they get will have an impact on other people who aren't comfortable with posting. The stories that we share here about our insecurities, our life experiences, and our successes will help people relate and encourage others in their own journeys.

This is for changing how people view themselves, not 'showing off' our bodies. It's spreading the ideology that we are all beautiful in our own ways, and you don't have to be a supermodel to feel attractive!

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