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Introduction + Rules

Welcome to /r/Northernlion! If you are new to this sub, please follow these rules before posting:

  1. Northernlion-related posts only
  2. No Low Effort Shit-Posts and no Site-Watermark in images
  3. Read the general rules and reddiquette

Twitch links for Northernlion and the NLSS Crew.

Twitch links to Northernlion and the NLSS crew

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/r/NLFP The NLFP (Northernlion Fitness Program) is a program designed to combine entertainment with exercise using NorthernLion's Videos

Subreddit links

[NLSS Mega Thread List]

Other useful links

NLSS Meme database: A constantly updating database of NLSS memes. - A countdown to the next NLSS or Subscriber show.

Two and a Half Scums - Every docket from every NLSS

NorthernlionDB - A large database of NL's Isaac stats, quotes and other goodies.


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