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North Korea

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Discussion about everything North Korea, one of the most controversial and unusual places on Earth:

Join us to discuss its people, political and social issues, crises, controversies, power struggles, quirks, arts, diaspora and propaganda.

Subreddit Rules: see full rules here

  1. No memes, advice-animals or jokes (try /r/bestkorea)
  2. No translation requests
  3. No reposts less than two weeks old
  4. No personal attacks
  5. No personal information
  6. Self-posts must be tagged, either [Question] or [Discussion]
  7. No propaganda (unless it's for discussion)
  8. No blogspam or low-quality speculative pieces
  9. Do not alter/editorialize headlines. Always use the suggested title option. Remove tags such as [Urgent] or [Lead].

  10. North Korea related reading list. (Updated November, 2012)

  11. NK-related list of films and documentaries
  12. Why are North Korean human rights SO important? Please watch this 23 minute video of recent testimony before the UN Commission of Inquiry. (in Korean with English subtitles - Warning: its heartbreaking)
  13. As real people are suffering there, we suggest you take NK jokes elsewhere. If you ignore this, you'll get banned.

The following NGOs actively promote NK Human Rights:

South Korea

United States


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NK-Related Media Sources

Additional link suggestions? message us!

For Google Earth users this is a .kmz file mapping thousands of locations in NK

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