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North Korea

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Discussion about everything North Korea, one of the most controversial and unusual places on Earth:

Join us to discuss its people, political and social issues, crises, controversies, power struggles, quirks, arts, diaspora and propaganda.

  • North Korea related reading list. (Updated November, 2012)
  • NK-related list of films and documentaries
  • Why are North Korean human rights SO important? Please watch this 23 minute video of recent testimony before the UN Commission of Inquiry. (in Korean with English subtitles - Warning: its heartbreaking)
  • As real people are suffering there, we suggest you take NK jokes elsewhere. If you ignore this, you'll get banned.

The following NGOs actively promote NK Human Rights:

South Korea

United States


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NK-Related Media Sources

Additional link suggestions? message us!

For Google Earth users this is a .kmz file mapping thousands of locations in NK

Subreddit Rules: see discussion here


  • well-written news articles, editorials, documentaries, links
  • self-post discussions on North Korean topics and politics
  • helpful resources (examples here)
  • More, see discussion below

Discouraged and subject to removal:

  • memes/advice-animals (try /r/bestkorea/)
  • translation requests (try /r/translator)
  • propaganda (discussion of propaganda okay)
  • reposts of content less than two weeks old from /r/northkorea
  • duplicative content about the same story that doesn't add value
  • most but not all NK humor

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  • If you make a post and it doesn't show up, please message the moderators. It may have been flagged by Reddit's spam filters. We'll check the mod queue and if appropriate, approve it.


  • Cite your sources and don't be afraid to ask others to do so too
  • Keep anecdotal evidence and speculation to a minimum
  • No personal attacks. They may lead to a ban. Differing opinions can be expressed without insulting anyone.
  • Please don't chain-report stories. If you do have a problem with a story, write the submitter, perhaps they will change something that bugs you.
  • Please email moderators if you see information which you know is wrong. Also any content which may endanger other people for any reason should be reported ASAP.
  • All North Korean defectors and nationals are welcome to participate, openly or pseudonymously. All points of view are welcome, if they are civil.
  • Rumors should be identified as rumors if they are known to be such.
  • Links to or user generated content, photography esp. personal experiences which don't get covered elsewhere.
  • Older news stories that have suddenly become relevant again.
  • Links to essays on North Korean human rights, history, social, economic and military issues are welcome.
  • Articles on Korean or Asian history that relates to North Korea are welcome.
  • Announcements of talks, concerts, fund raising events, art exhibits, demonstrations, conferences, etc. are encouraged.

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