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Douceur de l'écriture.

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A subreddit for notebooks, notepads, and all things related; any aspect of your life which you want to give more conscious attention to can be used as the foundation for a notebook.

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1. Discussion and sharing is the goal. All posts must be directly related to paper notebooks and focus on discussion or sharing of our passion. We encourage posts with questions, reviews, pictures, news, or just general notebook geeking.

2. Personal Conduct. Please use a civil and respectful tone when entering into conversation. Help us maintain a friendly, welcoming community.

3. Prohibited - Storefronts/Funding Websites. To support the focus of our community, we do not allow direct link posts to websites for funding or purchases. This includes company storefronts (like Field Notes), Amazon, Etsy, and Kickstarter campaigns. However, these links may be provided within text posts and comments. For more information see this announcement and this one

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  • Personal notebook reviews, uses, creative ideas
  • Discussion and suggestions for notebooks
  • Reviews
  • Customization of commercially available notebooks
  • A bridge between notebook consumers and producers
  • Industry dealings
  • DIY Notebook Building e.g. binding
  • Personal/group projects
  • Notebook systems
  • Pen to notebook suitability
  • Notebook brand promotions
  • Notepads

Notable Posts:

Notebook Share

Popular Types:

  • Utility Style (approx. 3.5" x 5.5" or 8.9 cm x 14 cm), for fitting into pockets and other spots where portability is important. Popular with the Every-Day Carry (EDC) crowd. Durable and expendable.
  • Book Style, for longer-term durability and better quality at the expense of cost and (often) portability.
  • Lab Notebooks, for professional/personal recording and planning of projects, experiments etc. Often pages are pre-numbered, & have a table-of-contents page and areas for signatures and dates. Sometimes used as evidence in legislation & patent applications.

Common ISO 216 sizes chart:

|Size|Millimeters|Inches| |:-|:-|:-| |A4|210 x 297|8.25 x 11.75| |A5|148 x 210 | 5.875 x 8.25 | |B5| 176 x 250 | 7 x 9.875 | |B6|125 x 176|5 x 7|

Uses for Notebooks:

Custom Notebooks:

Subreddit Timeline

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Some common lingo:

  • FP = Fountain Pen
  • FN = Field Notes
  • (M)TN = (Midori) Traveller Notebook
  • RITR = Rite in the Rain
  • BuJo = Bullet Journal

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