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> #Notes:

> 1. Images or videos must have comedic value or something out of the ordinary, not just porn > 2. Be Respectful to fellow redditors on this sub. > 3. No spam or links to malicious websites. > 4. Everyone depicted in the images or videos must be over 18 years of age. > 5. No bestiality or animal abuse.

> # Suggestions It is highly recommended to use Imgur for pictures and gifs, Gfycat for gifs and webms and for videos. Mainstream porn websites such as PornHub, YouPorn, Xvideos, and the like, are allowed too. * Imgoingtohellforthis type of humor is allowed, but remember to be respectful to each other.

> ##Updates/News: > * Please feel free to contribute to the subreddit, with content you find exciting. > * The CSS has been updated for a better experience.

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