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NSFW - WTF?! (/r/nsfw_wtf)


This is a subreddit for anything that involve WTF materials that are NSFW.


  • All self posts must have [Meta] in the title.


>###Direct links only

Lead us straight to the content or fuck off.

Any link or submission may be removed at the mods' discretion.

See our Wiki for a list of all banned domains.

If you're a typical good citizen of this sub then just ignore this shit, you'll be fine. I'm just spelling it out here so i can point it out to those very rare spammers that want to protest.


/u/Antije will rip your dick off if you post the video of the Asian lady posing as a statue getting fucked or that other Asian bitch peeing in public. You know the goddamn one.

/u/BardsDirge is entitled to a shitpost once every 6 weeks.

/u/TheSwarre is entitled to complain about Bards shitpost once every 6 weeks.

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