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GIFs of beautiful female celebrities

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  • Direct links to GIF images or host galleries only.

  • Imgur, Minus, Sharenxs preferred.

  • Female CELEBRITIES only.

  • Actresses, singers, performers, athletes, or public figures only.

  • No porn stars.

  • No nude models.

  • Nudity is not required, but keep in mind the nature of this subreddit. Every post is automatically tagged NSFW. Arguments regarding NSFW tags will be removed.

  • Please use the search function to see if your GIF has already been posted.

  • Make sure the celebrity's name is in the title.

  • Posting images of underage persons is strictly prohibited.

  • Comments, suggestions, and possible moderators wanted.

  • If you don't like a submission, ignore it or downvote it. Negative comments will be removed. Trolls will be banned.

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