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Welcome to the new and, hopefully, improved /r/NSFWOutfits!

Please be sure to read through everything in the sidebar to ensure that your posts/comments are not removed & you're not banned.


||| |:------|:-----| |1) 18+ Only | Questionable & roleplay-style ages are fine, outright <18 is not. If we can't be sure of their age then you may be requested to verify their age. |2) Direct Image URLs | If the URL ends with .jpeg/.jpg/.png/.gif you're good to go. If not then re-host it on Imgur. |3) Approved Video Hosts | If you're posting a video then it will need to be hosted on one of these websites. |4) No Spam | This includes any website that redirects users, has pop-up or pop-under adverts, uses excessive adverts in any way etc. This also applies to posting images with watermarks for spammy or unknown websites, promoting other subreddits, and using any URL-redirection links.

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