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Content in this subreddit is expected to be NSFW and is automatically tagged as such by default.

Guidelines for appropriate content

  • No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors. This is a zero-tolerance policy. Offenders will be banned and reported to admins and relevant authorities.

  • Direct-link to embedded media players only. No re-directs. No downloads, video lists, aggregators, or GIFs.

  • Absolutely no spamming. Your submissions will be considered spam if one site constitutes more than 50% of your posts. Please vary your sources.

  • No "flooding", i.e. limit your submisssions to 2-3 per day.

  • Content may span the continuum from vanilla to hardcore but should only include nudity or sex acts. No violence, gore, or abuse.

  • No "Who is?" posts. Please try /r/PornID or /r/TipOfMyPenis if you need to identify a video or name.

  • Blatant karma-whoring/farming (i.e. ridiculous numbers of re-posts by the same user) may be removed at the mods' discretion.

  • These are the guidelines and there will be some gray area in this definition. Please use your judgment when submitting. Mods have the final say in all matters.

A comment is required when reporting a submission!

Please message the mods if you have any questions and please report suspected spam. We appreciate it!

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