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NYC reddit (/r/nyc)

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Our Rules

  • Be excellent to each other. If it isn't a productive comment or contribution, don't make it.
  • We abide by reddit's rules regarding posting personal information. Do not post any personal information on /r/nyc!
  • Have a question about NYC? All questions are answered at our companion sub, /r/AskNYC! We do not allow questions on /r/nyc so please post them over there.
  • Any content that has numerous offensive comments and/or encourages hate speech will be removed.
  • Do not link to reddit (exceptions: NYC-related events and relevant AMAs)
  • Do not use multiple accounts to spam /r/nyc. If you do this all of your accounts will be banned
  • Do not post personal social media
  • Do not post photos meant to shame other people, or those that are clearly taken without the person's consent
  • Impersonating the mods will result in an immediate ban
  • Unplanned AMA's are not permitted. However, if you are interested in doing one please message the mods. Only serious proposals will be considered.
  • Regarding news and breaking stories: we keep the first instance of each story, no matter what the source. Other posts about the same topic will be removed; please post different sources in the comments of the aforementioned first post.
  • All skyline, roof view, landmark, storm, "touristy" and sunrise/sunset pictures will be removed; those types of photos are accepted on /r/nycpics. If you want to post a picture on /r/nyc, make sure that it's different in some way (e.g. an unusual view, a place few people see, etc.).

Please browse /r/nyc before posting and search to see if you are making a repost! Reposts will be immediately removed. If you see that a story has been posted, do not post it again (even if it is a different source)

  • Do post: local news, funny and interesting content, pictures (pictures should be of somethung unique, interesting or little-known), events (no direct Facebook links), posts related to NYC history, posts about city culture, missing person/pet alerts, informative self-posts (i.e. wise advise, time-sensitive warnings, PSA's), posts about freebies, lost/found posts, job listings (consider crossposting to /r/NYCjobs), new apps/programs (as long as they're related to NYC), broad discussions (please flair), volunteer opportunities (also consider posting to /r/nycvolunteers)
  • Don't post: questions (see /r/AskNYC), memes, "where is this"/"am I the only one"/DAE type posts, complaint/rant/stream-of-consciousness posts, personal social media/blogs/photos, blogspam, any content over a year old, "only in NYC" stuff, any content unrelated to NYC and its Metropolitan area, facebook links, wiki articles, individual meetups (see /r/nycmeetups), editorialized titles/incendiary posts, pictures of people taken without their consent, websites with pop-up advertising, personal ads, countdown/listicle articles, selfies/personal pics, pics with someone famous, pics from your roof of the skyline, view, landmarks or sunrise/sunset (see /r/nycpics), posts about the speed of your Internet, coupons

We have many neighborhood flair options here on /r/nyc! If you don't see yours, please message the mods

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