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Welcome to the New York Jets Subreddit.

2018 AFC East Standings:

Team|W|L|PCT :--:|:---:|:---:|:---: |0|0|0 |0|0|0 |0|0|0 |0|0|0

2018 Season Schedule:

Week|Date| |Opponent|Game :--:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---: |P1|8/10||| |P2|8/16|@|| |P3|8/24||| |P4|8/30|@|| |1|9/10|@|| |2|9/16||| |3|9/20|@|| |4|9/30|@|| |5|10/7||| |6|10/14||| |7|10/21||| |8|10/28|@|| |9|11/4|@|| |10|11/11||| |11| BYE |12|11/25| || |13|12/2|@|| |14|12/9|@|| |15|12/15||| |16|12/23||| |17|12/30|@||


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  10. Image Marcos/Memes are banned on game day.

  11. Make clear titles for submissions

New York Jets:

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