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Oceans: News, Information and Discussion about our Oceans

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Welcome to “Oceans,” an Ocean Community

Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth and drive weather, regulate temperature, and support life on this planet. Our oceans are a vast system of diverse and complex ecosystems and natural resources; and the health of the world’s oceans is inextricably tied to the health of our planet.

And amazingly, up to 95% of the ocean realm remains an unexplored mystery.

Topics: access, acidic, Alaska, aquaculture, bottom trawls, boundary disputes, by-catch, cleanups, climate change, commons, conservation, contamination, corals, crustaceans, deep sea drilling, desalinization, discards, economics, ecosystems, endangered species, estuaries, farmed fish, feed conversion ratio, fish, fisheries, forage, ICCAT, invasive species, marine protected areas, mercury, New England, NOAA, ocean, oceanography, overfishing, plastic, policy, pollution, salmon, saltwater, sea, seait, seafood, sewage, sharks, stormwater, tuna, waste

“The Sea is Us, and to defile the Sea is to defile ourselves.” - Hillary Hauser, Executive Director Heal the Ocean

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