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Miami's blackjack and hookers sub.

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>### The Official Miami Subreddit. The one with blackjack, and hookers.

Flanigans is lord and Savor. Praise him.

>### Social


Feel free to post here! We'll either help you, or tell you to fuck off, but we won't ban or delete your content.

  • Stick to things related to Miami.

  • Don't post other users personal information..

  • While we do enjoy the novelty accounts that pop up here, please refrain from tagging other users being made fun of. They might end up complaining. Please refrain from obvious harassment as well.

  • Do post pictures of other people clearly taken without their permission.

  • Offensive content of any kind will be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be blown.

  • Got a funny pic of something missespel? Post it.

  • Check out our WIKI page for helpful information about our fine city.

>### Visiting The City And Need Some Guidance?

Go ahead and post it, can't find anything specific? Post over at r/visitingMiami.

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  • /r/soflogamers for all your local gaming needs.

  • /r/flanigans for when you need some church in your life.

  • /r/visitingMiami

  • /r/miamicirclejerk

>### Local Sports subs

  • /r/LetsGoFish

  • /r/MiamiDolphins

  • /r/Heat

  • /r/MiamiHurricanes

  • /r/MiamiMLS

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