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> PyeongChang 2018 Website


|Rank|Country|G|S|B|T| |:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---| |1|Norway|14|14|11|39| |2|Germany|14|10|7|31| |3|Canada|11|8|10|29| |4|United States|9|8|6|23| |5|Netherlands|8|6|6|20| |6|Sweden|7|6|1|14| |7|Republic of Korea|5|8|4|17| |8|Switzerland|5|6|4|15| |9|France|5|4|6|15| |10|Austria|5|3|6|14| |11|Japan|4|5|4|13| |12|Italy|3|2|5|10| |13|OAR|2|6|9|17| |14|Czech Republic|2|2|3|7| |15|Belarus|2|1|0|3| |16|China|1|6|2|9| |17|Slovakia|1|2|0|3| |18|Finland|1|1|4|6| |19|Great Britain|1|0|4|5| |20|Poland|1|0|1|2| |21|Hungary|1|0|0|1| |21|Ukraine|1|0|0|1| |23|Australia|0|2|1|3| |24|Slovenia|0|1|1|2| |25|Belgium|0|1|0|1| |26|Spain|0|0|2|2| |26|New Zealand|0|0|2|2| |28|Kazakhstan|0|0|1|1| |28|Latvia|0|0|1|1| |28|Liechtenstein|0|0|1|1|


  • No image macros, memes, or rage comics
  • No racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs
  • No posts which do not directly relate to Olympic events (sporting, cultural or organisational)
  • No memes, even if they are dank

Olympic Subreddit Network

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  • Archery /r/archery
  • Athletics /r/trackandfield
  • Badminton /r/badminton
  • Basketball /r/basketball
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  • Judo /r/judo
  • Rowing /r/rowing
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  • Shooting /r/competitionshooting
  • Table Tennis /r/tabletennis
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  • Triathlon /r/triathlon
  • Volleyball /r/volleyball
  • Water Polo /r/waterpolo
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  • Wrestling /r/wrestling
  • Olympic Multireddit

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