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"Procrastination is a dish best served eventually." ― /u/Joaxaround

Post your favorite oneliners!

Rules TL;DR
  • Entire joke should be one sentence and in the title
  • Reposts and / or disrespectful content is usually not welcome
  1. General Reddiquette must be followed at all times

  2. Posts are limited to a succinct funny or witty remark. This means posts containing a full stop will likely be removed. An exception would be if the full stop is in a name (e.g. Michael J. Fox).

  3. Using a semicolon is not strictly prohibited, however it must be used in an effective manner.

  4. Attempt to use proper grammar and spelling.

  5. Put the entire joke in the title, for readability.

  6. Mods reserve the right to remove or keep content deemed inappropriate.

  7. On a similar note, if a post does not make sense or offends you, report it! If a post is reported multiple times the mods will review it and it should be removed.

  8. If you have a very, very NSFW post, tag it NSFW and put the joke in the body, not the title. Otherwise, just tag it as NSFW and put the full joke in the title.

  9. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message the mods (link).

  10. If your post is removed, the moderator responsible should comment on the post detailing which rule you have broken; if not, please message the mods here and we will make sure to confirm why your post was removed.

  11. Use the search bar as your oneliner may not be original and/or may have been posted recently.

  12. This type of post will be removed.

  13. :)

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