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openSUSE: Linux for open minds

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openSUSE is an open, free and secure operating system for PC, laptops, servers and ARM devices. Managing your emails, browsing the web, watching online streams, playing games, serving websites or doing office work never felt this empowering. And best part? It's not only backed by one of the leaders in open source industry, but also driven by lively community.


  • Get Leap Traditional release based for those who prefer balanced environment
  • Get Tumbleweed Cutting edge and tested with openQA, rolling release which always moves forward
  • Search For Packages Get additional software from openSUSE build service.
  • Derivatives Get one of the specialized distributions built on openSUSE


  • Help Go to the Support Portal
  • Documentation Read guides and manuals
  • Wiki Read and write articles on our Wiki
  • Discord Join discussion and seek instant help on Discord
  • Forums Participate in our forums
  • Mailing Lists Subscribe to mailing lists and browse their archives
  • IRC Channels Communicate online using Internet Relay Chat


  • Connect Connect with your openSUSE friends
  • Planet See blogposts aggregated into one stream
  • News Latest announcements from the team
  • Video Watch various tutorials, screencasts and recordings from talks and presentations
  • Lizards Users blog platform
  • Shop openSUSE gear here!


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