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>1. This subreddit is 18+ only. 🐒 🍁

> 2. NO SOURCING! Sourcing is any post regarding the acquisition of drugs, including legal substances, from a specific person or place, including other subreddit members, online markets, and/or vendors. Specific DNMs and/or vendors cannot be discussed. 🐒 🍁

> 3. NO LOCATION-SPECIFIC POSTS! Posts about finding people in your city/state will be deleted and a ban may be issued. Anything that identifies a specific location will be removed-- this includes neighborhoods AND cities. States can not be mentioned when posting dope porn or when talking about not having any sources. 🐒 🍁

> 1. GEO-TAGGED POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED and will be removed regardless of context.

>4. MEET-UPS ARE NOT ALLOWED for ANY reason! Any posts discussing, offering, or requesting meet-ups will be removed. We are not responsible for anything that happens outside of this subreddit. 🐒 🍁

> 5. We are not doctors! Take any advice you are given at your own risk. If you believe it may be serious it is always better to be safe, than sorry. Go to a real doctor! 🐒 🍁

> 6. No advertisements of any kind. This means no peddling products, treatment centers, or substances.🐒 🍁

> 7. Absolutely NO begging, asking for money, or assistance of ANY kind other than advice. Any sub that claims to be affiliated with us, and is not in our sidebar, is a scam. Your post will be removed and you WILL be banned. 🐒 🍁

> 8. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Personal attacks or comments that insult or demean a specific user or group of users will be removed and regular or egregious violations will result in bans. This means no trolling, bullying, hate speech, or personal attacks. Any hateful speech that is directed at a person will be removed. 🐒 🍁

> 9. Protect your personal information, and that of other subreddit members! Posts that contain personal or identifying information will be removed and a ban may be issued. 🐒 🍁

> 10. Any post or comment that creates, or perpetuates, drama will be removed AND A BAN WILL BE ISSUED. 🐒 🍁

>11. Journalists and/or Media personnel: Please PM the mods if you'd like your credentials to be verified. Otherwise, please do not solicit interviews or information from our members. 🐒 🍁

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If you message the mods via modmail be prepared for 2 to 3 days of written correspondence. The mods are not responsible for anything they may say after addressing the initial modmail request.

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