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Tips for using in OS X

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Everyone is welcome to post their ideas, requests and questions.

The spam filter seems to be very hateful to nearly everyone. I end up having to approve most posts. If your post doesn't show up right away, that's probably why & I promise to check the filter daily --danielcole

While we would like to keep things terminal-based, don't think that limits the discussion here strictly to bash. Anything that involves scripting the Apple environment is welcome - that certainly includes AppleScript & large parts of ruby/python/perl.

We hope that you feel free to share the scripts that you use on a daily basis so that others can discover new ways of controlling their computers. We also now have a fairly large pool of people that can be a resource for questions on how particular commands operate.

Mods kripley1 & myself have written up a few introductory posts: "Getting Started With Terminal " and a primer on SSH.

When the Gods of Reddit deem the time ripe and proper we will have a wiki that consolidates much of the tip and tricks that are posted here so that we can have a coherent knowledge base.

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OSX Online Man Pages

Getting Started With Terminal

Primer on SSH & SCP

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