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Non Penetrative Sex - Massage, Footjobs, Handjobs, pussyjobs, tittyjobs, assjobs

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Please feel free to submit photos, videos, or just stories about non penetrative sex. (not including frot, or Oral Sex)

Anything from:

  • Erotic Massage,

  • Footjobs,

  • Handjobs,

  • scissoring,

  • Sumata (pussyjobs),

  • Mammary intercourse (tittyjobs),

  • Intergluteal sex (assjobs) etc

Rules for Posting and General Etiquette:

  1. Links that re-direct to pay style sites are banned. xHamster/XNXX are fine.

  2. If you create and upload content, it needs to be on an approved site eg: imgur,, etc.

  3. Mobile redirects sites are banned.

  4. Users repeatedly submitting spam will be banned from posting

  5. If you post something that does not appear please message us as it may be stuck in our spam filter.

All posts and comments must abide by the Reddit Child Porn statutes.

Any scenarios in which the subject is or is claimed to be under the age of 18 will result in an immediate ban followed by an alert to the reddit admins.

If you have any suggestions for rules or changes to the subreddit, send us a message and we'll hear you out!

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