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Not the Disney type of Anal

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Anal set to painful! :D

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Posting Guidelines

Please post the time the painal starts in your title

Rules Above all, this sub is for hetero ("straight") painal. Take your LBGTQ links to another appropriate sub.

  1. No Child Pornography. 18+

  2. No links or partial links

  3. Nothing that can get the mods in trouble or close down /r/painal

  4. No Rape Porn - fake, simulated, "consensual non-consent" are fine

  5. No Cartoon pornography if it depicts any characters of the human or inhuman species under the age of 18, including fictional ones

  6. No pornography that contains green sheets

  7. No requests or instructions for videos that contain green sheets.

  8. No bestiality Porn

  9. If posting GIFs, please include a source if possible.

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