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saabisu saabisu!

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A home for cute anime girls who need longer skirts.

  1. Manga, anime, VN, etc fanservice art is welcome. Visible pantsu in the pic are not required. Really sexy or porny art would be more at home in /r/sukebei or /r/ecchi. No lewd/salacious lolis.

  2. Please include the name of the source anime in your title. If you forget, add it in link flair. Label characters not from an established franchise as [Original].
    Link to the artist's official portfolio page in a comment, or if there is none available, at least mention their name.
    IQDB ^(Firefox /) ^(Chrome addons) and SauceNao^( addons) are great for finding the franchise title and artist.

  3. Quality over quantity! No more than four posts per 24-hour period, and no more than twelve pics per album. Please check you're not reposting every time. No reposts allowed within four months, or of anything that ever scored more than 500.

Reading the Good Posting Guide is sexy.

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