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City Illustrations

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Join our sister-subreddit /r/paperfolks for gorgeous drawings and illustrations of the pre-industrial era.

Definition (According to /r/papertowns):

Papertowns: well-crafted pictorial maps, detailed panoramic cityscapes, broad aerial vistas, intricate bird's-eye views and even full 3D reconstructions. We enjoy anything from the famed citadels of antiquity to the quaint towns of the middle ages and the vibrant metropolises of our time.

If you also enjoy these works of cartography, history and art, then you'll fit in just fine.

  • Civility rule: Be courteous to others. Any post that puts down anyone for any reason will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

  • Relevance rule: Only post content related to this subreddit's definition of Papertowns (see above).

  • Title rule: Always include the current country name in the submission title, otherwise it will be removed.

  • Repost rule: A repost may only be allowed if the original post has fewer than 100 upvotes and was submitted at least 6 months ago.

This subreddit is dedicated to high quality illustrations only. Please bear that in mind when making a contribution here. Low quality or "casual" content will most likely be removed.

Filter Search by Country!

In order to keep things well organized, every submission has a country flair. Here are two short examples that illustrate how you can search for all papertowns from any specific country:

1. If the name of the country consists of a single word, for example Japan, then you will search like this:


2. If the name of the country consists of multiple words, for example United States, then you will search like this:


Also, you can just click the flair next to any submission title to perform this search automatically.

Tip: In addition to its own separate flair, UK has four extra flairs for each of its constituent countries.

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