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Woman friendly / Couples friendly / Passionate / Sensual / Sexy

A place for pictures and video of hetero sex between 2 people that is tilted more towards sensual enjoyment of each respective partner. (For other types, see links below.) It should generally be more female friendly & couples friendly and focus on passion, mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

No reposts. No blogspam.

See "guidelines" section below.

Useful links

New subs!

  • /r/NsfwNew - no repost sub

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This subreddit is not meant to judge anyone's personal tastes, sexuality, or lifestyle or claim that one type of porn is better than the other. It is simply to offer a place to find erotic content of a certain type. For other types of passionate porn, try /r/PassionYZ.

No extreme sex, gang bangs, choking, degradation, etc. No lesbian, gay, or group porn. POV and gonzo porn usually don't fit. Generally, seeing more than just the man's cock is a requirement, and reasonably fit and reasonably matched male partners are better. Of course, there are always exceptions to every guideline.

Post titles that reflect just one of the participating parties depicted will be removed. Specifically descriptions of a person's body or name without reference to their partner.

Amateur, pro-am, professional is all good.


Reposts happen, but they will be removed when found/reported.

When reposts are found, please add a comment with a link to the previous post. Then report to mod. Reposts are OK if the new link is to a much higher quality version.


We do not support ripping off other's work and posting on personal sites that may cause harm to our users though shady advertisements. Bans will be swift.

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