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About PGW

Peegonewild is a subreddit for those of us who enjoy the many forms of pee play. Sadly many of us hide this fetish in real life, often even from our loved ones for fear of being shamed or embarrassed. This is a place where everyone (18+), regardless of their gender or sexual orientation can express themselves and their love of Urolagnia in a safe and judgement-free zone.

We invite all users to have a little bit of fun and freely share their pee adventures, through any media, be it a quick picture, video or audio recording; or even a fictional story or recount of an experience you've had.

Even if you are only here to admire people's posts, please remember to upvote or leave a nice comment if you see something you like.

And lastly, remember this is a judgement-free zone, so be kind and courteous to your fellow redditors, even if you see something that is not to your taste. If you see any rude comments, or if you receive rude or creepy PM's please let the moderators knows via report or PM so we can do something about it, and prevent it from happening to others.


  1. Rude, offensive, or derogatory comments/PM's will not be tolerated.
  2. Only post content which you have created yourself.
  3. Play nice, don’t downvote just because something isn’t to your taste.
  4. No links to paid content, or alluding to the fact that you, or any one else, has paid content on offer.
  5. No personals posts, this is a sub for sharing or discussion, not hookups.
  6. If you choose to watermark your content, the watermark must be of your username. Usernames show ownership. Website urls and advertising are not allowed here!

Offenders of these rules will be banned without warning.

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Please have a look at the Approved Hosts wiki page for other allowed hosts.

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