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Male M Bodymod M OC

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Ambiguous Ambiguous BM Ambiguous OC

Art Art OC

Let's focus on insertions and urethra related body mods. If we don't it'll just be a collection of close-up dicks and vaginas; That's boring.

If you post something and it doesn't show up in /r/peehole/new/ there's a good chance it got caught in the modqueue. I sign on every now and then and check it so it'll get through so long as it's peehole related.

I think it would be best to categorize flairs based on the genitals being penetrated in the absence of gender identity.

If you are are posting OC you should use whatever gendered flair you wish to identify yourself as.

Male If it's penetrating a penis regardless if it's an F->M trans penis.

Female If it's going into a urethra that is adjacent to a vagina regardless if it is a M->F trans vagina.

Male + Female if it's going into both a male and female urethra in the same video or picture set.

Ambiguous Use this flair for genitals that don't easily fit into the male/female categories. E.g. Eunuchs, gender nullification, neutered people, etc.

Bodymods This community has a large number of penile subincisions so don't bother designating them here. Use this flair for other urethra specific body mods: Prince Albert, Princess Albertina, penis bifurcation, urethral tattooing, etc. This tag would also be appropriate if a person while doing something urethra related, has another body mod done.

Art Obviously it should be peehole related. Cock vore, funatari with peehole insertion, furries (with some anthro component), etc are all acceptable. I want the majority of this subreddit to be irl peeholes though.

Please report dead links so we can keep this place nice and tidy.

What's not allowed

  • All people/artwork featured must be 18+ years old.

  • While furries/furry drawings are allowed, it must still have some anthro component. A dog man being sounded is very different than a dog being sounded. You know?

  • Peeing without any sort of penetration. Yes you see a uerthra but there are more suitable subreddits for this sort of content.

  • Non-consensual or abusive porn. Note that BDSM differs greatly in the level of respect shown towards the people involved.

Do not try any of this unless you know what you are doing

Basically use lube, smooth objects and don't lose things in your bladder. If you go too hardcore, it'll hurt to pee for a few days.

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