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Peehole insertion pictures and videos

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Unfilter | Removes filter. |---|---| Discussion | Ask questions. Tell us a story. Talk about stuff. Equipment | Discuss equipment. Vendors may also post with this. Cautionary | Cautionary tales. What went wrong? OC | Post pictures and videos of yourself. Male | Urethra that is on a penis. Female | Urethra that is adjacent to a vagina. Multiples | Multiple people are involved in sounding. Bodymods | Urethra specific body mods Art | Peehole art with some anthro component.


  • All people/artwork featured must appear 18+ years old.

  • Peeing without any sort of penetration. Yes you see a uerthra but there are more suitable subreddits for this sort of content.

  • Non-consensual or abusive porn. Note that BDSM differs greatly in the level of respect shown towards the people involved.

  • This really isn't the place for gender politics.

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