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The best kind of selfie

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Self posts welcome and encouraged! Any self posters who do not want their content posted here can message the mods to be blacklisted.

If you are cross-posting original content from a self poster, you must include their username in the comments.

Read The Rules Before Posting!

1. 18+ ONLY. No content featuring minors!

2. A pelfie is a selfie taken with intent of showing off one's pussy

3. Pelfies must show either the face or the camera/phone, otherwise they're not really pelfies. Part of the face is okay

4. No watermarks

5. No Snapchat pics

6. No screenshots

7. Only direct image links (, etc). Other links will be automatically removed.

8. Inadvertent reposting is ok - we don't mind seeing nice pelfies more than once, but nobody wants to see the same ones every day. Reposts > 6 months are fine. Reposts < 3 months will be removed & submitter warned

9. This is not a "revenge porn" subreddit; no stolen photos of your ex-girlfriends. Mods may request verification at any time

10. Be appreciative. Don't be creepy or cringey

11. DON'T BE A DICK. Shitty comments are a permanent ban

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