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The best kind of selfie

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Self posts welcome and encouraged! Any self posters who do not want their content posted here can message the mods to be blacklisted.

If you are cross-posting original content from a self poster, you must include their username in the comments.

Read The Rules Before Posting!

1. 18+ ONLY. No content featuring minors!

2. A pelfie is a selfie taken with intent of showing off one's pussy

3. Pelfies must show either the face or the camera/phone, otherwise they're not really pelfies. Part of the face is okay

4. No watermarks

5. No Snapchat pics

6. No screenshots

7. Only direct imgur links ( Other links will be automatically removed.

8. Inadvertent reposting is ok - we don't mind seeing nice pelfies more than once, but nobody wants to see the same ones every day. Reposts > 6 months are fine. Reposts < 3 months will be removed & submitter warned

9. This is not a "revenge porn" subreddit; no stolen photos of your ex-girlfriends. Mods may request verification at any time

10. Be appreciative. Don't be creepy or cringey

11. DON'T BE A DICK. Shitty comments are a permanent ban

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