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WorldTour Road Cycling News, Results and Discussion

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Professional Road Cycling Community

Peloton is the community for professional men's and women's road cycling. Share links, news, results, transfer rumours and anything else related to the professional teams, events and riders.

Three important rules

  • Please don't post any Spoilers in your post titles, use the following convention: [Spoiler] Post Title

  • Please post ANY stage/race related material, interviews, reports, GIFs, pics and videos in the [Results Threads] or [Race Threads]. They'll be added to the OP there for a one stop for discussion.

  • No editorialising titles. When you are sharing an article, avoid editorialising the titles with your opinion. Use a text post instead, or leave your opinion in the comments. Editorialising in order to give a more informative, non-biased title should be acceptable.

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