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penis (/r/penis)

This Reddit is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!...(unless you work in the porn industry. Then this might be totally appropriate.)

  • /r/LGBTGoneWild

  • /r/bigdicklovers

  • /r/DickSlips

  • /r/Balls

  • /r/OnOffDudes

Please, if you are going to report a link, we would greatly appreciate it if you left a reason why. Or else we will assume it was a mistake. Thanks-a-heap for helping to keep this the best penis sub-reddit ever. :-)

  • There's no need to put "[m]" anywhere in the title.

  • Please put kik names in comments instead of titles.

  • If you look underage or your history shows you are underage, your post will be deleted and you will be banned. 18+ only.

  • Although it would seem obvious, this is a sub for penis and its admirers so please refrain from posting material that involves women. Keep it on the subject matter. Have fun!
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