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||| |:-|:-| |1. Animated .gifs only|No videos, flash animations, or websites. For blogs, reupload the .gifs to and post a link to the blog in the comments. HTML5/WEBM files are allowed(but sound is not).| |2. Must loop seamlessly|The .gif must appear to continue without a noticeable beginning and end. Jump cuts are not allowed. Any .gifs with noticeable cuts will be removed. The lower the framerate, the more flexible we will be with this rule, however the higher the framerate, the more upvotes you will get. | |3. No ping-ponging .gifs|"Ping-pong" is the term Photoshop uses to describe playing forward, and then playing in reverse. Here is an example of a ping-pong. Exception: if part of a .gif loops and another part of it ping-pongs, it's ok (example). This rule is tricky and will be left to Moderators discretion.| |4. NSFW .gifs must have "NSFW" in the title |NSFL (Gore, death etc) is not allowed, and the poster will be banned after 1 infringement. For advice on how to avoid NSFW on this subreddit, click here.| |5. No reposts|Use Karma Decay to check if you are reposting. Also, search the subreddit for the title of your submission. If the original is from 6 months ago or older, you can repost it. If a loop is in the top 50 posts of all time, it can not be reposted| |6. No blogs|Reupload the .gifs to and leave a link to the blog in the comments| |7. No "broken" .gifs|These are .gifs that have purposefully been "glitched" or have "jpeg artifacts". Please take them to /r/BrokenGifs.| |8. No "cloned" .gifs|These are .gifs in which the subject is present multiple times. This rule also applies to .gifs in which the subject simply enters and exits the frame (even if there is no cloned image during the loop). Exception: if the subject interacts with themselves or a moving object visible through the .gif, it is allowed Not allowed, Allowed Please take these to /r/clonedGif| |9. Requests must be self posts|Please click here to request a perfect loop. The user who fulfills the request can then submit it as OC, or if they allow it, the requester can submit it, but not as OC. Please use a descriptive title when requesting.| |10. Use to host|Please view the blacklist to see which hosts to avoid.| |11. Mark spoilers with a [Spoiler] tag|Titles with possible spoilers must be marked with a [spoiler] tag. Any comments that may have any spoilers must follow this format: [This comment is a spoiler](/spoiler) |12. Titles must contain [L] or [A] tag|All submissions must contain [L] or [A] in the title to denote Live-Action or Animated loops. Use links below to filter for only Live-Action loops or only Animated loops.

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