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Videos of perfectly cut scre-

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Post videos of perfectly cut screams (Screams do not need to be cut off by the ending of the video((No timestamp abusing however))).

Don't be racist or some shit ^(if somebody is being racist, snitch on them super hard)

Don't spoil stuff either. Nobody likes spoilers. If your content contains spoilers for something, please mark them as such.

Also try to keep videos short. There isn't a limit, this isn't YTHaiku or anything, but the shorter the better.

...Alright guys I get it. No reposting. Let's just put 3 months as a statute of limitations for reposting. If a video is 3 months old, it's fair game. Okay? We good?

I didn't think I'd need to mention this but absolutely no NSFL or animal cruelty. This is a friendly place, even if the video is funny a lot of people don't want to see that.

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