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Summer 2018

7/17 Stateline, NV

7/18 Stateline, NV

7/20 George, WA

7/21 George, WA

7/22 George, WA

7/24 San Francisco, CA

7/25 San Francisco, CA

7/27 Inglewood, CA

7/28 Inglewood, CA

7/31 Austin, TX

8/03 Alpharetta, GA

8/04 Alpharetta, GA

8/05 Alpharetta, GA

8/07 Camden NJ

8/08 Camden NJ

8/10 Raleigh, NC

8/11 Columbia, MD

8/12 Columbia, MD

8/17 Curveball

8/18 Curveball

8/19 Curveball

8/31 Commerce City, CO

9/01 Commerce City, CO

9/02 Commerce City, CO

NYE Run 2017

12/28 New York, NY

12/29 New York, NY

12/30 New York, NY

12/31 New York, NY

Setlist Bot

Commenting the date of a show, and adding !setlistbot to the comment, will trigger a response from /u/setlistbot. This response includes the shows setlist, links to listen to the show, and a link to for more information.

Example: "12-31-99 Check out this awesome show !setlistbot"

Useful Links

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Subreddit Rules

This is a Phish group, not a political group. Even if your post has Phish content, if it is political, it will be removed. If a band member does something politically related, that will stay, but otherwise, please, Phish content only.

Regarding ISO and FS ticket posts:

We recommend you use We will not ban/remove ISO or FS posts here, but they must be for face value or lower tickets. So, upvote and downvote these posts as you please.

Phish's audio and video policy

Please do not post links to any downloadable SBDs or ripped webcasts of shows that were officially released. It violates Phish's guidelines, and it has always been an unwritten rule here, until now, that official soundboard content should not be posted.

Phish explicitly outlines their audio and video guidelines here: Audio recording policy

We're just phans like everyone else, and we're trying to respect Phish and their intellectual property. A link to YouTube is okay because if Phish Inc. wants to take it down they can. A link to is clearly different. So, if a link to the downloadable SBD or ripped webcast appears at some file sharing site, and we see it or it is reported (which is often the case), we will remove it. This includes audio streams of webcasts while they are live. Otherwise, YouTube is fine unless Phish contacts us. But, we are not the host of that content, YouTube is, so it should be their problem.

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