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They should know better.

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This is a place to share interesting pictures of women that we find in public view.


1. No posting underage or something that may be underage material. If you're unsure about a submission, message the username to mods before posting, and we'll make a decision. If you post a link to anyone's facebook, twitter, etc. you WILL be banned, no warning, no exceptions

2. All posts containing links must only link to, All other links will automatically be removed.

3. No fusking.

4. Do not post personal information. This includes full bucket names. This sub exists to enjoy what other submit, along with your own contributions. We're not here to advertise buckets and create 'followers'. That kind of exposure is no good for anyone.

5. No direct links to buckets. See #4. Such submissions will be removed.

6. Do not abuse the 'reporting' system. If you do have to report a link, please also message the mods - reported links without a message may be ignored.

There is a new male focused plunder /r/photoplundermen. Check em em if you got em!

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