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Welcome to /r/piano! Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, we hope you've come to talk about pianos.

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FAQ Outline:

Posting Guidelines:

The following types of posts are subject to removal:

  • image memes, pictures of text, rage comics, etc. (use /r/musicpics, /r/classicalmemes or /r/pianomemes)

  • pictures lacking context/details

  • requests for transcriptions, identifying chords in a song (use /r/transcribe)

  • requests for sheet music (see FAQ, use /r/musicnotes, /r/transcribe)

  • common generic questions covered by the FAQ such as "What's a good keyboard?", "What's my piano worth?", "How do I get started?", unless your question has specific details.

  • off-topic posts, spam, advertising, blog posts with little content

Also, please do not submit more than 3-4 posts per week, and you should not have more than 2 posts on the front page.

Comments that contain personal attacks, hate speech, [trolling] (, unnecessarily derogatory or inflammatory remarks, and the like, are not welcome and will be removed.

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