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Picture Requests

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Make a Sidebar Image.

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  • NSFW REQUESTS and POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE! Pictures of babies with life supporting devices are accepted but tag those posts NSFW and report all other violations to the mods.

  • FORGING DOCUMENTS IS AGAINST THE RULES. This includes altering official papers, ID cards, licenses, removing signature backgrounds and things of that nature. Violators will be banned permanently.

  • ALWAYS post a low resolution, watermarked preview image when OP offers to compensate for work done.

  • NO CYBERBULLYING! It's one thing to make a friend look goofy, but we will not do anything mean-spirited. Violators will also be banned.


  • WE WILL NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU. Do your own homework.

  • SUMMARIZE YOUR REQUEST IN THE TITLE. Then include what you want done in more detail in the body of the post.

  • THANK THE PEOPLE that help you and toss them an upvote.

  • This community is intended to help people out and have fun. Please be cool.


  • If your request will only be viewed online, then WYSIWYG. Don't worry, stop reading.

  • A bigger image is always better: an eye or logo made of 4 pixels has less detail than one made of 100 pixels. Your monitor has about 75dpi (dots per inch) and a normal printer uses 300dpi. That means an image that is 16"x20" on your monitor will result in a 4"x5" print.

  • Scan your photos at 300dpi for a print of the same size. Use 600dpi for small and detailed photos or for enlargements. Never scan a B&W photo in greyscale: important information will be lost.

  • Uploading photos as jpeg is fine. Make sure you save using the high quality setting. The tiff and png formats are better (especially for logos and text). GIMP and are excellent free image editors that can help you with this.

  • Imgur is for online image hosting and compresses all files over 1mb to something a lot smaller than 1mb. To preserve quality use alternatives like PicasaWeb, Dropbox, or that offer options that don't re-compress your image.

  • Be nice. (Tips by: Radiobadvan)

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