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This community is for the mobile information sharing app called Plag.

Here you can post the best Plag cards you can find or start a discussion related to this app.


1. Posts related to Plag only

  • Please post Plag cards (posts) or any other info connected with Plag (such as news articles) only.

2. Discussions should be related to Plag

  • You can discuss Plag features, suggest improvements or ideas.


  • If a post is exploiting a minor, contains nudity or any illegal imagery, please report it to the mods either by clicking the report button or contacting us directly.

4. Insults and/or Harrasment

  • Any form of insulting/harassment towards users of the subreddit will not be tolerated.

5. Personal information

  • Links or posts that contain personal information (phone numbers, addresses, schools, Facebook accounts, unique/easily identifiable names) will be removed.

6. Reddit rules

  • Please follow all the Reddit rules.


Plag Manifesto.

Plag blog.

Plag for iOS.

Plag for Android.


Your flair is your Plag username. Moderators and the most active users have icons in their flairs.

The content is not interesting enough? Then be that person whom you would enjoy to read, post a great Plag card on the app and share it here!

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