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Play it Forward: Receive a game, play it, then give it to someone else.

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Rules & Guidelines

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Not all comments will be visible. Comments are automatically removed for users who do not meet the minimum requirements.

Here's how this works:

To give a game, create a thread and have a contest or random drawing. When you are ready, pick the winners and mark the thread as closed.

Winners play the game, then buy a copy to give to someone else. If you didn't like the game, you can give a game you do like. You are expected to give back if you receive games.

Read the the rules and faq before posting!

Some important details (for complete rules see the Rules and Guidelines button above):

  1. We do not allow giveaways hosted on other sites.

  2. Your entries will be removed automatically if your reddit account doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

  3. If you receive a game on PiF, it is absolutely forbidden to trade or sell it. Violation of the rule results in a permanent ban.

  4. Gifters post new threads only, no requests are allowed.

  5. When the giveaway has completed, edit the post with the username(s) of the winners.

  6. You must wait at least 24 hours before choosing a winner.
  7. Asking for donations or requiring users to visit a website is forbidden. This includes requiring comments, likes, follows, or subscriptions.

  8. Games won are to be redeemed on your steam account. You may not transfer, sell, give, or trade the game to anyone else.

  9. Make sure to include your Steam ID when entering for a game.

  10. If you win a giveaway but don't want the game anymore, then you must give it back to the gifter so he/she can pick another winner.

  11. Comment counts are not accurate. Comments are moderated and removed for various reasons. See the FAQ for more info.

  12. Please don't drop keys. It makes it unfair for others, and your key might get caught by a bot.

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Don't meet the age and karma requirements? Try r/RandomActsOfGaming

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Please check the steam profile before you gift by using

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