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  • This subreddit is for pocket compatible, feather weight, low-medium range self defense. This applies to materials like sand, salt, sugar, and chili powder. Glamour pocket sand materials such as glitter, dust, and flour are discouraged.

  • Try and keep it in the pockets, throwing table salt at your opponent is dishonorable and as such is discouraged for this subreddit.

  • To keep things simple consider this before posting; if it's not sand it needs to come from the pocket. If it's not from the pocket it needs to be sand.

  • In the end it's up to you, the community, to decide what is and is not worthy of /r/pocketsand, however we mods reserve the right to remove any post that is way off base (ie, posts about MLP shipping or Batman/K-on crossovers. PM /u/tofumac if you need help finding the appropriate boards.)


Be safe. Be prepared. Sh-sha-shaaa.

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