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pokemon conspiracies and mysteries

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Pokemon Conspiracies

This is a place to discuss all "out of the ordinary" Pokemon lore related possibilities and other theories regarding the Pokemon world. While we appreciate outside links, we're especially looking for original ideas or questions no matter how insane they are.

Make sure to check out /r/shittypokemoncons for our official Circlejerk subreddit!

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Keep up to date with Pokemon X/Y conspiracies.

Banned Topics

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[appears as spoiler] (/spoiler)
  • When talking about Pokemon OR/AS, please use spoiler tags

  • No one here can claim to be an infallible source on pokemon. Please correct someone who is wrong, but don't be rude.

  • This is moderated fairly lightly, but no -isms (sexism, racism, transphobia etc).

  • If you feel that a post is irrelevant or offensive, send a message about it to the moderators. See reddiquette.

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