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Pokémon Duel

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This is a NON-OFFICIAL community to talk about Pokémon Duel. Pokémon Duel is a free mobile strategy board game using Pokémon figures, and inspired by the game franchise. Duel, released in Japan in 2016 as Pokémon Co-Master, takes the series’ classic turn-based mechanic and transposes it onto a board game. Two teams of six Pokémon square off against each other: Your job is to maneuver your squad across the board to capture your opponent’s base. The gameplay is based on that of the Pokémon Trading Figure Game with slight changes.



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  7. Moderators have discretion to protect the sub, whether or not it's on this list.

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  • Set-up a transfer code so you don't lose your progress!!

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  • [Certain figures no longer available] (

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