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Pokemon Go Development

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Sister Site & Platfoms: DISCORD - GITHUB - FORUMS

The goal of this sub is to enhance open APIs and discover more about the inner workings of Pokemon Go. Discussions MUST be related to development.

Don't post:

  • Closed source projects (Welcome on Wednesday EST)

  • Support Questions (Welcome on Sunday EST)

  • Non-development related posts (Welcome on Friday EST)

  • Absolutely do not post the following. This will result in an immediate ban:

  • Automatic PTC or Google account generation. This include automated accepting ToS.

  • Selling hacks of any kind.

  • Microtransaction hacks of any kind

  • Automated Bots: If a user can level up without playing the game, it's not allowed.

  • Other exploits that may adversely affect other players. Hypothetical examples: Instant Gym battle wins, server crashing exploits, modification of other user data without their explicit consent.

Weekly Threads

  • Sunday Support: Post general support questions.

  • Wednesday Implementations: Post any closed source projects you are working on.

  • Free Talk Friday: Post anything related to this sub or Pokemon Go.

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